Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I apologize for the n\late post and the fact that it is short, I want to copyright my work and because I do not want some one making off with my ideas and book, I will no longer post large excerpts.

I'm truly sorry readers, but this is in the interest of my books future.
I have however made a double post with abit from my other book I'm working on, please understand right now I have writers block and need some ideas to jumpstart writing.
please spread the word to all your friends and family who like to read books, please leave a comment or two, and if t\you are just tuning in, pleas goe to the bottom of the pag and read from the first post onward.
Thank you and Enjoy!

The Constantine Brothers

...The doors of the main hall exploded revealing a massive black car head lights ablaze horn blaring in their ears, and something that sounded remarkably like a lions roar,

The car snatched, yes snatched, both muscle men vampires from the air and they screamed piteously for they where young before landing with a crunch, not metallic but like bones being crushed to dust, the car skidded to a halt, Magdalena and Marishka flew out screaming, “you will pay for this Constantine!” and disappeared into the cloud cover,

‘Is it over?’ asked Damon squeakily,

‘I hope Christ it is…’ trailed off Hal, the reason being they heard a low growl from behind them, low and menace laden, they turned around slowly and stared at their beloved car…

this here is my other work, Enjoy and please comment!
(FYI, this will probably not be the actual beginning when it's published
but for the time being it is)

Hell Racer: The Legend of the Devils Mercedes

The atmosphere was extremely tense as all eyes were on the two cars that are lined up at the start line.

Then, they heard it, a chilling deep grumble as a black car appeared at the scene,

It pulled up alongside the other two and revved its engine; the whoosh of a turbocharger was clearly heard as it slowed to a stop as the car idled.

A man, about 20 years of age stepped in between the cars, and gave a signal.






With a sound and smell of burning rubber reaching their noses, the cars were gone and heading down the hill at a breakneck pace.

The car slid through the first corners flawlessly but after that things got dirty between two cars, one of the guys who was driving a red Nissan 240sx slammed into the blue Toyota supra and spun into a guard rail, completely flattening the rear end, the Mercedes seemingly glided past him the tires barely making any noise as it was expertly maneuvered past the damaged car and into another corner fallowing the Supra closely,

The man in the supra was shocked; “how had that guy in the Benz manage to slip past that accident? Was this guy insane? He could’ve killed himself” he thought, after another couple of corners they approached a wide turn; this turn was known for the fact that many a racer had gotten cocky and floored the gas pedal, spinning out their cars and almost killing themselves, which was why very, very, few racers actually had the guts to exceed 50 MPH on that corner, those that could were considered racing gods.

He did not slow down, instead he proceeded towards the corner at an extremely dangerous 63 mph, he kicked the clutch changing gears, he got into the inside of the turn and saw almost quick as a flash, the massive Benz sliding at an almost impossible angle, his car was completely and utterly sideways, he instinctively reached the gear lever to down shift and accelerate out of the corner; his hand slipped off of the gear shift lever and his car went into a spin.

He looked in the rear view mirrors watching the taillights of the beast of a car disappear into the distance and it was then that he realized; “that is the same distance between his and my skill.”

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