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After talking to a number of people, I have come to realize that my novels are taking too much time to write, so, I'm going to go all in and just do my darnedest to "git er done".

I am currently in the midst of a rewrite of the first chapter of The Constantine Brothers (book 1, for those of you just joining in) since the original appears to explain too little too late.

Also, my friend and co-author Faith is pushing me to continue writing "Gatekeepers" which we are only a little ways away from completing the first full draft, we hope that it will be done by the end of the summer and ready to rock the publishers. I'll post a link to the first few chapters (the current drafts) since they are posted on a different website when I can, since I can't recall the exact address for now.

Since I have taken an interest in film-making as well as writing, here's a link to my first short film.
I wrote it, but when we filmed it a few lines were ad-libbed, so excuse the slightly corny lines that show up occasionally.

If anybody is interested in keeping up with me or friending me on youtube, here's a link to my channel on there:

Enjoy and keep reading!


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Hello people, to those who know me, I have not posted in ages and I'm sure most of you have drifted off to other blogs and the like, but hopefully not all of you have done so.
(If you are sick and tired of fanfiction, this is the place for you!)
I say this because I would like to introduce to you all a new novel that I am co-writing with a gal Faith Liu, she posts frequently on DeviantArt and as far as I know, does not have a blogspot like I do.

To those who've never heard of me in their lives, my name is Markian Bek and I'm a book writer who's posting his stories (or bits of them) on this here blog. So enjoy all I've got here on offer.

This is an excerpt to the prologue of it.
One more thing, this is the rough draft of the first half of it, so please baer in mind that while you read. Thanks all.



The sound of a door being kicked open sounded through the empty lower levels of the Cirne, the echoes bouncing endlessly off the walls and walkways of the nearly empty city. It was followed by a shout and the rapid pounding of first one set of footsteps, and then many more.
A man sprinted along the high concrete walkway, more than anxious to get away from the place from which he had just come. Exhausted and in pain, he stumbled, only to pick himself up again and keep going. He would soon run out of energy, he knew; his eyes darted back and forth, searching desperately for an escape route, someplace where his pursuers could not follow.

He knew the city's structures were unsound - as one level fell into disrepair and disrepute, another was built on top of it. As a result, it was growing increasingly unstable, decaying from the bottom up. The level that the man was running on was far too far down for his comfort - the crisscrossing walkways of the level below him had been abandoned long ago, and for good reason, he knew. Even the slightest pressure could cause them to crumble. High above him were the levels in which he used to live and work, obscured by grey haze, and too high to jump up to. The only way was to hold out until he reached the cluster of abandoned buildings at the end of the long, solitary walkway, and hide there - assuming he still had enough energy left in him to do so. Imagining the trail of blood he must be leaving for his pursuers to follow, he thought with a grim smile: And torture is anything but energizing.

He dared not look back at his pursuers; instead, he forced himself to tune out the pounding footsteps of the soldiers behind him. His mind needed no further encouragement to tell him that resistance was stupid. His broken, bleeding corpse of a body was screaming for him to stop. Only his will power - and the tantalizingly close taste of freedom and later on, revenge - kept him running.

A harsh scream broke through his thoughts. Not breaking his stride, he looked up to see one of the native miiris, enormous vultures twice the size of a man, circling high above his head, waiting for him to fall. It was only a matter of time before that happened, he knew, and apparently, the vulture knew as well, and was willing to wait oh-so-patiently until he succumbed. But enemies, Seirnak had learned, if used properly, could turn into assets.

He stopped running, and turned around to face his pursuers, as the vulture swooped behind another skyscraper. Just a little closer... He closed his eyes, all his thoughts focused on the vulture.

His attention nearly broke when he heard a familiar and hated voice, only a few arm-lengths away from him. “Whatever you think you are doing, Seirnak, make things easier for yourself and stop it.

He chose not to answer, instead opening his eyes and glaring at the slim, white-clothed figure before him, and the eight black-suited guards that surrounded the figure. They were afraid of him; he could tell by their faces. Even Mordas, for all his brave words, stood out of arm's reach. Wise man.

“I understand that you value your...” Mordas seemed to falter for the word for a few moments. "...your skills very much, but the risk of abusing them is simply too great. We must be allowed to remove them, for your protection as much as ours. There is too much at stake, and although I originally agreed to your decision, I now see that you have taken this to a level that I simply cannot allow." The more Mordas spoke, the more frustrated he sounded. But Seirnak did not seem to be paying attention; his eyes stared right through Mordas and into the unknown.

The vulture had flown back into view again, but its movements were now jerky and less natural. Seirnak watched it in his mind's eye as it flew up to a point high above and behind him, and then closed its wings and plummeted down in a controlled free-fall straight towards the group of men.

The uniformed men saw the miiri’s large frame, torpedo-like in its descent, and cried out in surprise, knowing that a miiri as large as that could kill five of them in one fell swoop. Mordas took a few steps back, and a few of his men turned around to run, but Seirnak didn’t move until the last possible second.

As if their motions had been orchestrated, Seirnak ducked smoothly under the miiri's outstretched claws and began running again, stumbling slightly as the walkway shuddered upon its impact with the vulture. He grinned at the shouts of confusion behind him, and his run became a sprint as he spotted a junction ahead.

It would be easy to lose them in the confusing maze of the city’s lower levels; he quickly chose one of the diverging paths, one leading to a mass of buildings in the distance. As the buildings grew larger in his field of vision, the fierce joy he associated with assurance deepened, but the sudden pain in his neck and side nagged at him about the torture cell from which he had just escaped - his body would not tolerate leaping up and down the precariously unstable walkways that criss-crossed each other over empty space. Not to worry - just a few more minutes of straight running, and we'll have a break. After that...we'll see, won't we?

His increasingly cheerful thoughts, along with his body, froze, as Seirnak realized that the walkway was shaking under the impact of his feet. Looking down, he realized that its supports had already crumbled away to dust. He cursed himself, wondering when had he become so careless as to choose the quickest path without assuring himself of its stability. He could hear the footsteps of his pursuers coming closer, but they, too, stopped at Mordas’s call. Seirnak turned, and recognized caution in Mordas's weak grey eyes - caution, caution, always caution. The man would never learn to take a risk - consequently, he would never overtake the ones who did - people such as Seirnak. The two stared at each other,

neither one moving, thinking. Calculating.

The levels above him were too high to jump to. The levels below were already disintegrating and would provide no support. The lone sidewalk they stood on should have turned to dust long ago, but for some reason it still stood. What to do?

Slowly, one tentative step at a time, he began to back up. As he retreated, the enemy – and Mordas, that idiot who couldn’t see opportunity if it hit him in the face – advanced. Seirnak didn’t turn to look behind him, for fear that someone might throw their blade at his open back, but felt his way like a blind man backwards along the old sidewalk.

One step, another step…


The ground underneath his left heel crumbled. There was silence for a few seconds as Seirnak regained his footing, and then the chunks of sidewalk hit the ground floor with another loud crack.

One soldier cringed at the noise, as it echoed around the near-empty city. Even from as high up as they were, the hissing sounds of the agitated giant roaches below were heard, sending shivers down the spine. A wailing cry rose from below, hauntingly mourning the loss of another creature, whose head had no doubt been crushed by a chunk of sidewalk. Seirnak paid it no heed; he had bigger problems than decapitated hissers.

Behind him was a drop to the ground level; its bottom, he knew, was a pit of filth, the filthy creatures who lived on that filth, and the bones, picked clean, of the beings who had fallen in and become prey to the filth. It provided no way out, alive, at any rate.

Mordas seemed to have read his thoughts, because he began to smile that disgusting, compassionate, pitying smile of his that made Seirnak want to gag. He had worn it when Seirnak had first told him about mind taking; they had been friends and allies back then – that was why Seirnak had even bothered to tell him - but no longer. Now, here was the very same person, the one he had confided in, ready to order people to kill him. Ironic, really.

In front of him stood captivity and torture; they would probably bring in the finest torture specialists this side of Cirne to do the job. Behind him, a straight plummet down to his death, either on impact or on the moment he was found by one of the lowly man-eating scum down there. It wasn’t the best set of choices, but there were no other options to choose from.

Or were there?

Suddenly, he snarled, contorting his face into a gruesome mask, and made a wild rush towards the man directly in front of him. Before the victim had even registered that movement was necessary, Seirnak had touched him with an outstretched palm.

The man stood frozen, his eyes glassily reflecting Seirnak’s pale, animalistic visage, for exactly one second. Then his face contorted to mirror it.

No longer himself, he turned and drew his stun sword on the soldier next to him. The second victim opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came out.

He was already dead, his fellow soldier’s sword, turned up to fatal frequency, lodged in his heart.

Seirnak took advantage of this distraction, and shoved the controlled man into the dead one, returning their minds in the process. He ran off without waiting to see the reaction on the freed man’s face. Behind him, a voice screamed in horror, and another, one he recognized, cursed.

“I’m going to kill you!” That was Mordas, all right. Seirnak could see his face blotching purple with rage in his mind’s eye.

He began to smile as he sprinted towards freedom. “Not today, my friend. Not today,” he thought.

He had just neared an intersection in the walkways when he felt a sharp pain, and then numbness, in the middle of his back. As the numb feeling spread slowly through his body, his mind patiently reminded him – too late - that it was stupid to run from an enemy holding a stun sword. Of course, it couldn’t kill him; it would only render him immobile for a few hours. Long enough for Mordas and company to tie him up and bring him back to the torture chamber.

Seirnak had sworn never to go back there, but there wasn’t much he could do. His legs were going numb, and his arms were useless. In a few more seconds, he would be back to where he had started: in a torture cell. Unless…

He swerved, using what was left of his mobile body to propel himself off the sidewalk and into empty space. Anything was better than having to endure someone probing around your mind, mutilating your pride.

Above, Mordas shouted in frustration, music to Seirnak’s ears, although the rushing wind made it difficult to hear it. As he fell through space he saw below him a faint ripple, like the poisonous gas waves so common in his polluted world. He was headed straight for it.

Well, no matter. He was going to die, anyway. A little pollution could hardly hurt him now.

Strange. He felt an almost magnetic attraction to it, like it was pulling his body towards it, rather than his body falling down into it.

His left foot touched the ripple. Even though it was already half-numbed, he could feel an icy dagger-like chill go up his spine. As he slowly succumbed, his senses growing fuzzy and his vision fading into blackness, he heard someone yell from far off.

“Where did he go?”

“I-I don’t know, sir. He was falling, and then he…disappeared.”

Seirnak blacked out.

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The Constantine Brothers

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the final version of the first chapter of the first book in the series

The Constantine Brothers



Somewhere inside the warehouse there was an explosion of white which turned blue seconds later,
James Constantine was in battle with a powerful demon that had just fired a powerful curse at him and he was trying to deflect it.
James had his hands in front of his face he struggled to keep the Demons Spiritual Energy at bay as it tried to eat through his barrier that he'd conjured a split second before the curse started to really get to work, half of his face felt like it was on fire; The curse had hit it and he couldn't see anything, just a fuzzy version of the white and blue light.
"Damn that Demon." He thought to himself, veins popping, muscles bulging, all of his concentration focused on repelling the curse.
He had to run.
As cowardly as it felt, he knew that if he didn't do it, he'd probably die and that was the last thing he wanted to happen.
Changing his stance, he roared as he Changed his spell to one that did not repel, but absorbed spells; It was incredibly difficult and he'd never used it before, he only knew the theory behind it, suddenly he felt the opponents energy flowing through him, trying to choke him, trying to rip him apart every cell in his body screaming in protest;
"No," Was his only thought, "I must win, I must hold out, I cannot, will not, Die. . ."
With an effort that felt like lifting the world, he deflected the curse. Just as suddenly, it
vanished into thin air.
But he wasn't in the clear yet, the Demon screamed and hurled itself at James,
but he turned and ran as fast as he could; He hadn't slept in days tracking this demon down and it was a mistake.
He had not been ready, and this mistake almost cost him his life.
The Demon was one of the many that had ganged up on his grandfather, Arthur J. Constantine, and James wanted revenge, his rage had kept him working tirelessly tracking down these Demons, and he'd vanquished every last one of them until this one, the leader of this group of Demons.
Shooting a binding spell at the demon, he stumbled towards his car, wrenched the door open and drove off just as the Demon managed to throw off the weak binding spell.
Scanning in the rear view mirrors whilst feeling panic and terror gnawing his insides -- his gut tied in knots, leering; “If I get out of this alive and in one piece. . .”
Now at 98 mph, he scanned the mirrors, looking for the menace he knew was there.
Was it safe to slow down?
A massive, SUV came hurtling, seemingly out of nowhere.
Too late...
The Chevy had given him only a few seconds' time to realize what was going on and deftly swing his
car into another lane, slamming on the brakes just in time. The Chevy shot past him at 150 mph,
smashing into a Lamp post. Though the crash was not enough to disable the vehicle, it was enough to impair its maneuverability, making the situation even more dangerous to escape from.
Finally, he saw an exit, gunned the engine, went down the ramp and started to look, in vain, for a competent hiding place. Suddenly, the SUV walloped the rear of his car, the Wraith, and sent it into a spin.
He didn’t dare wait for the car to stop spinning, smashing the gas pedal to the floor, he sent the big car off into the darkness.
The psychopath in the SUV was now absolutely determined to exterminate this sucker from existence. The Wraith, however, was at the end of its tether; the timing belt sheared off with a squeal of rubber and steel wire.
The SUV smashed into the rear causing the Wraith to skid sideways and into a ditch at speed in excess of 100mph, flipped tire-over-roof and flew out onto the road; after hitting a tree broad side the front end soared into the air before landing with a crash of screaming metal.
The driver was knocked out cold. The engine gave a death rattle and died as the lights flickered and went out,
The murderous psychopath stepped out knocking his vehicles door onto the side of the road, inspected the damage and giggled madly. Then, it got into the beat-to-hell SUV, and drove away laughing like the maniac it was.
The man in the Wraith was called James Constantine, an exorcist, and this had been a textbook
example of why you never jump into things for revenge.
Stumbling out, he marveled that the door still opened and that he was still alive.
He looked sadly at the once immaculate car that had belonged to his grandfather, his only companion since his grandfather's death.
James clumsily lay down the crumpled hood, before succumbing to unconsciousness.

He dreamed that he was with his grandfather when he was still a trainee Exorcist

“James, when you kill a demon you have to strike fast and without emotion, do you understand?”
“Excellent, now, go into that square” Said his grandfather indicating the large square in the middle of the floor.
“And Eliminate every Demon that attacks you, in fact, you should eliminate them all regardless;
Remember, strike fast and without mercy."
"No.” he said, looking at the puzzled look on his Grandfathers face before saying;
"Why should I kill a Demon if has not attacked me or anyone else? I've read about tame Demons-"
"A load of codswallop, I don't know where you've read that fiction but you'd better put it out of your head right now, you understand me? You're about to face class Fours and Fives." Arthur Then released a spell and suddenly demons were everywhere inside the huge circle cum pentagram; James could feel
the heady rush of purpose in destruction, the destruction of Demons. His eyes glowed red and he whipped out his Soul Slayer and slashed every demon in front of him down without so much as a tickle of emotion. More Demons appeared, he could not get his Soul Slayer around in time, so he pulled a huge gun out of its holster and fired indiscriminately at the Demons, each one falling to the ground and slowly turning to ash...
“Since when did minor demons get the better of you, a Constantine?” Chuckled Arthur,
“'Atta boy. But beware! Evil times lay ahead of you, times where you will have to chose between what is right, and what is easy.”
Then, suddenly a huge Demon appeared out of thin air, James instantly recognized it as a class ten out of twenty, but he'd never faced anything like this before.
"James! Get of there NOW!" Yelled Arthur, but James did not seem to hear him; Sure enough, inside the Pentagram James had not heard a thing, he could see his Grandfather panicking behind the shield,
but it did not matter, he could take this Demon out. Out of ammunition he re-holstered his gun and pulling himself out of the human plane into another dimension sidestepping the Demon and
reappearing behind it flying through the air and bringing his weapon down upon the Demons head and sliced through it's brain, buried the Soul Slayer inside it's heart before whipped his blade in a circular motion and severing the Demons heart which fell out with a bloody splat.
It Collapsed and started to turn into ash, the Pentagrams defense system came down and Arthur Constantine stared at his Grandson with mingled incredulity and amazement.
"James, I am dissapointed in you, I thought you would follow the normal procedures and just get heck out of dodge, but I would be stupid not congratulate you, it appears that your training as an Exorcist is almost at an end, we can finally start going onto the bigger things of the underworld."

And with that, the scene vanished, only to be replaced by a whole world of pain.
After summoning up a great deal of strength, James got up, grabbed a mirror out of his pants' pocket and directed it in the
direction of the rapidly disappearing SUV. He could not chase the Demon, but he could contain it
He closed his eyes, and muttered, “Ego order quod cohibeo vos everto ut profundus secui abyssus nunquam ut reverto ut humanus universitas. deus misericordia vestri animus. ”
A ghastly scream pierced the silent fog that had settled, and suddenly there was a demon struggling to get out of the mirror-- and was beginning to succeed, when Constantine smashed the mirror to the ground, and the demon was no more.
Constantine collapsed from exhaustion, and thought to himself;
“In the end, demons can never turn away from their calling to Hell.”
As he regained consciousness properly, he winced, and shuddered. The scar on the side of his face throbbed painfully, a grisly remainder of the fatal curse the demon had let loose.
Constantine knew that if he had hesitated for even a split second with the deflector spell, he would’ve been a goner.
The curse had been a powerful one, a curse he’d seen and heard before. The spell itself was ancient,
designed for maximum damage to the opponent of a person with a lot of stamina -- supernatural stamina, in fact. And this meant only one thing, the creatures of the underworld were getting stronger. A lot stronger.
There was a screech of brakes as another car appeared out of the darkness, it's passengers got out one
started yelling something about curses around James, he fell unconscious, uncertain of the fate that lay ahead of him.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Post Guys

this is a new post you've all been waiting for, and I won't disappoint, here is the very beginning of my other book that will end up being a trilogy so expect many posts in future.

please tell all your friends about this and I'm looking forward to your input and make sure they also know that this blog is continually updated, now then,

COMMENT AWAY!!! (or bombs away, whichever you prefer I don't care either way XD.)

this book is titled


It was a really dark night with no moon, fog hung thickly across a rarely used highway as a silver and blue BMW thundered down it blowing past a sign, the vision of a man who had been wronged so many times that he couldn’t count, it read; Canyon City 52 miles.

Looking through the windshield and listening to the deep muscled sound coming from the tailpipes; a throaty symphony of notes and whine of a supercharger accompanied with an awe inspiring bass riff, which sounded like a classic muscle car.

He contemplated how he had gotten himself into this mess, and for a second contemplated simply running away.

No, running away was not an option, he was in really deep shit and he was going to get himself out, too many a racer had taken the cowards way out, leaving it all behind just for some peace and quiet and give the madness up before they went mad themselves.


He was going to stay with this to the very end.

Not that he had a choice.

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I apologize for the n\late post and the fact that it is short, I want to copyright my work and because I do not want some one making off with my ideas and book, I will no longer post large excerpts.

I'm truly sorry readers, but this is in the interest of my books future.
I have however made a double post with abit from my other book I'm working on, please understand right now I have writers block and need some ideas to jumpstart writing.
please spread the word to all your friends and family who like to read books, please leave a comment or two, and if t\you are just tuning in, pleas goe to the bottom of the pag and read from the first post onward.
Thank you and Enjoy!

The Constantine Brothers

...The doors of the main hall exploded revealing a massive black car head lights ablaze horn blaring in their ears, and something that sounded remarkably like a lions roar,

The car snatched, yes snatched, both muscle men vampires from the air and they screamed piteously for they where young before landing with a crunch, not metallic but like bones being crushed to dust, the car skidded to a halt, Magdalena and Marishka flew out screaming, “you will pay for this Constantine!” and disappeared into the cloud cover,

‘Is it over?’ asked Damon squeakily,

‘I hope Christ it is…’ trailed off Hal, the reason being they heard a low growl from behind them, low and menace laden, they turned around slowly and stared at their beloved car…

this here is my other work, Enjoy and please comment!
(FYI, this will probably not be the actual beginning when it's published
but for the time being it is)

Hell Racer: The Legend of the Devils Mercedes

The atmosphere was extremely tense as all eyes were on the two cars that are lined up at the start line.

Then, they heard it, a chilling deep grumble as a black car appeared at the scene,

It pulled up alongside the other two and revved its engine; the whoosh of a turbocharger was clearly heard as it slowed to a stop as the car idled.

A man, about 20 years of age stepped in between the cars, and gave a signal.






With a sound and smell of burning rubber reaching their noses, the cars were gone and heading down the hill at a breakneck pace.

The car slid through the first corners flawlessly but after that things got dirty between two cars, one of the guys who was driving a red Nissan 240sx slammed into the blue Toyota supra and spun into a guard rail, completely flattening the rear end, the Mercedes seemingly glided past him the tires barely making any noise as it was expertly maneuvered past the damaged car and into another corner fallowing the Supra closely,

The man in the supra was shocked; “how had that guy in the Benz manage to slip past that accident? Was this guy insane? He could’ve killed himself” he thought, after another couple of corners they approached a wide turn; this turn was known for the fact that many a racer had gotten cocky and floored the gas pedal, spinning out their cars and almost killing themselves, which was why very, very, few racers actually had the guts to exceed 50 MPH on that corner, those that could were considered racing gods.

He did not slow down, instead he proceeded towards the corner at an extremely dangerous 63 mph, he kicked the clutch changing gears, he got into the inside of the turn and saw almost quick as a flash, the massive Benz sliding at an almost impossible angle, his car was completely and utterly sideways, he instinctively reached the gear lever to down shift and accelerate out of the corner; his hand slipped off of the gear shift lever and his car went into a spin.

He looked in the rear view mirrors watching the taillights of the beast of a car disappear into the distance and it was then that he realized; “that is the same distance between his and my skill.”

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please spread the word to all of your friends!

people, I'm glad for your comments, but, WHAT LANGUAGE?

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please be little more specific,

I am sorry if i'm being a little thick right now but what do you mean about what "language"?
bad or good?
ANYWAY, new part of moi book and this is a unedited version so get this direct from the table.
enjoy and keep the comments coming, I think we've got something started!

The Constantine Brothers.


‘Vampires?! We haven’t dealt with those in years! Oh no, this so not on, this is a living nightmare.’ Said Damon,

‘I know.’ Said James.

‘I wonder if they are the same as before…’ he trailed off, realizing that all eyes where on him.

‘I really doubt it guys.’ John said composedly.

‘well’ said Hal, ‘there is one way to find out.’

James gulped and whimpered like a dog; he had tried to kill a vampire, but failed, and almost got killed in doing so.

He has a phobia of vampires because as a child he was mentally tortured by them, and one in particular stood out vividly in his mind, the one he had a real, hot, bubbling hatred for, the one he had tried to kill, and almost got killed himself.

‘Damon, get every thing you can on these guys and find out EXACTLY where they are currently located.’

‘Um, they are located in Kimberton Philadelphia .’

‘ James,’ said John, ‘are you ready? Its gonna be a long trip.’

James; ‘yeah, approximately 3 hour drive from here.’

‘Well, Its nice to see you back in form.’ John said with a smile,

‘Oh, please.’ Said James, obviously annoyed at his brother, but that at least took his mind temporarily off of the problem at hand.

Sure enough, the trip was pretty long, by the time they had reached their destination after getting lost a few times, in fact the trip had lasted almost four hours, and it was no longer light, it being 11’ o clock when they reached a fork in the road bearing the title of; “welcome to the McMaster mansion”

‘Wow, what a dump.’ Said Hal,

‘Wasn’t always like that.’ Admonished James,

‘How would you know that?’

James looked at Hal as if saying; “you don’t want to know.”

John added;

‘He was here once, he had tried, fool as he was, to eliminate a group of vampires years ago, basically a revenge mission which had almost killed him instead.’

Despite what Hal had just said, the location looked nothing like a dump, in fact, it was a rusty gate with pillars topped with menacing gargoyles, it’s appearance was scarier thanks to a rosemary bush that had integrated itself with the pillars.

‘Well, we can’t sit here forever, so lets do this thing!’

he flipped on the high beams on his lights and pressed the gas pedal hard, spinning the rear wheels, but everyone knew that James was being cautious and was simply trying to cover it up.

There were some dips and ups in the road, trees lining the sides of the dirt road, suddenly as they went around a corner and saw a sheer drop of cliff!

James slammed the brakes and the car skidded to a halt, the tires right on the edge, James knew that the car was going to get stuck, he slammed the car into reverse and expertly maneuvered the car back to relative safety,

Shit, that was a blind corner and I wasn’t expecting that.’ James said, taking time for his heart to resume a more sane speed.

‘Hang on, this was not here a few years ago,’ said Damon, who felt puzzled,

‘Uh-oh, this has just confirmed my deepest fear,’ said John, stepping out of the car and walking towards the edge,

‘Oh dear,’ he said to himself, ‘I was right.’

He got back into the car,

‘What do you mean?’ asked Hal,

John sighed and said; ‘we’ve landed our selves into some really nasty acid, I’ll explain only if we continue on our journey because were wasting time.’

James re-started the engine and drove on really cautiously this time, he wondered why he could not remember much from his previous encounter with a vampire,

‘it’s like this, the power instability between Heaven and Hell has grown to proportions that even god himself is having trouble keeping the Time Space Continuum in between both worlds, thus the hole you see next to us is one of the Space Continuum rifts, which is basically a black whole except it’s not sucking anything in, but out, this continuum rift is fairly recent and has healed approximately 60, maybe %65, the only problem with one of this size is that it takes four to five years to heal, therein lies the problem, if the creatures of the underworld realize that there is one of this size, we as the human race run the risk of being overrun, and thus, what we call an apocalypse, happens.

What happens after that, is, to put it frankly, impossible to forecast.’

‘My god, were in trouble now.’ After hearing this tidbit, Hal had almost pissed his pants from fear,

‘That is why we have the power to See, to eliminate the problem before it gets serious.’

They continued on the road towards the mansion without further incident.

Almost. At on part in the road they had to drive across a bridge and it didn’t look good.

They stepped out of the car looked at and across.

‘Oh bugger, this does not look good at all, my eyesight is getting a little bleary.’

Said James irritably, everybody snorting and muttering, then he added; ‘if you think I’ll let you drive across this matchstick pile, think again and reconsider your options.’

‘Don’t you just hate it when he says stuff like that during some of the tensest moments in history?’

‘Okay, how’s this scan; we get out and cross, you drive across. This will hope fully minimize chances of going down together.’

James revved the engine, then said; ‘well? What are you waiting for? Get out and across and gimme a shout on how stable that pile of matchstick is.’

They got out and crossed, and then called James telling him the chances were slim, but if he still wanted to he could try, he revved the engine then gunned it, the car flew across the bridge the rear tires had almost no grip on the rotting wood which flew in all directions in the shape of shrapnel and a couple of substantial beams fell down below before splintering apart with dull thunks. They clambered inside after contemplating the damage to the bridge.

A wind from the north blew dead leaves on to the windshield leaving behind wet marks,

The house appeared in front of them like a castle out of a fantasy novel, for it was made of stone and had towers coming out of the sides, gargoyles perched on every corner of the house and even side by side next to the entrance way like wooden women on the bow of a ship, except these were made of stone, horrific in size, and hideous in look and in particularly, realism.

They got out of the car gaping at what lay before them when Hal broke the silence,

‘We’ve a long night ahead of us boys, and something tells me it won’t be for kicks this time around too.’

‘The sense of evil here gives me a whole new perspective on the word evil.’

Everybody, including John, stared at Damon; this was the first time he had actually sensed an evil presence lurking somewhere in the house’s depths.

‘Welcome to the club at last, ironic isn’t it, that it had to be tonight for the initiation of your discovery, but it’s a good thing, because we will be dealing with some bad characters indeed.’ John said acknowledging the fact that Damon was now going to play a much bigger part in the team now that he could feel demonic presences.

The front doors opened with a sound that’s normally associated with one setting their teeth on edge after they’ve heard it, and carefully walked in taking in the gloom of the once richly furnished room, with gargoyles.

‘Geez, how many of these does the previous owner have? Um, on reflection, I don’t think I want to know.’ John said, feeling that today they might meet their match and hoping fervently they wouldn’t, they jumped and shuddered at every creek and whoosh of air and it was then that John realized, with a sinking feeling, that his hunch was right and the alarm bells in his head were on for a really, really, good reason

The vampires were using completely different tactics then in a previous encounter before,

And this piece of info was all anyone needed to know before turning in the opposite direction and taking off for their lives.

‘This is getting us nowhere, we have to split up.’ He said,

‘In pairs?’ asked Damon in a would be calm voice that clearly said he was bracing himself for the worst.

‘I’m afraid not.’

Everyone gulped at the suggestion.

Mean while…

‘As soon as zey entered the house it vos like music to my ears.’ Marishka said with a deep Transylvanian accent, ‘their heartbeats are getting faster by the minute, except for one, yes, he’s unfathomable and I like it.’ She said giggling.

‘Marishka, don’t get in over your head, their spiritual power outclasses

Any and all of the rabble ve’ve dealt vith so far.’

‘Anna, an invasion of food is here, it ought to keep us satisfied till the next moon.’

Grinning horribly was their sister, Magdalena, fangs growing in length like two calcium shards of glass…

‘Oh buddy, I’ve got bad vibes already.’ John said nervously looking at everyone else as they were rooted to their spots,

‘right, we split in three, two, one…’

They split up, going into separate rooms throwing closets and doors open trying to make sure there wasn’t anything to be afraid of…

Oh, boy; thought Damon, ‘something’s there In front of me and I can’t see it…’

He stepped across a threshold and peered into the next room thinking it was clear, when a small but extremely vicious something flew at him, he tried to shoot it but his gun didn’t work.

It went past him turned in midair, came back at him scratching his face knocking him down with the force of a small bomb, he pulled his silver knife out just in time and buried it to the hilt into the creatures flesh and exploded into a gooey ash like gunk.

A smell so rancid reached his nose he coughed and vomited, after steadying himself and taking a fortifying gulp of water he surveyed the scene, and heard squeaking that matched the previous victim of his blade.

‘oh nice,’ he said sarcastically ‘this is gonna smell like hell when I’m done.’

And he waited for it, tensely, all alone, no, not true, his buddies where also here he reasoned, but judging by the sounds emanating from the rest of the house, nobody would be able to come down if he screwed up, and so he waited as the sounds coming towards him were getting louder and louder…

John was being cautious, and understandably so too. He looked around taking in the scene, he knew something was waiting in the shadows and he felt his skin crawl, his instincts were telling him to Get The Hell Out of Here.

Quick as flash Anna came at him, he pulled the trigger and nothing happened, he was slammed into the unforgiving stone wall and regaining his balance swinging a well timed hit at the Vampires face.


‘Oww, that hurt you bad boy’ she said giggling as she turned back at him, her nose repaired itself with a snap of bone reconnecting.

‘Oh god, the rumors were true.’ He said, pulling his silver nail the size of your forefinger,

He readied his offence as she came bounding towards him, jaws stretched grotesquely open, teeth glistening horribly…

Hal, had just stumbled on a room full of strange cocoons that where writhing.

Gross, oh nasty god yuckitty yuck yuck, phwwoooaaaarrrr, he thought.

He pulled out his can of highly concentrated alcohol and sprayed it all over the cocoons careful to avoid contact with them as he hated slime in any form, then he poured gasoline on to the floor and threw his lighter onto it. He ran as fast as he could away due to the fact the smell had seemed to have a strange affect on him.

And ran into something large and very muscular, he fell and stared in horror at the two vampires in front of him, he turned around and ran screaming blue murder with the two leviathans roaring after him…

James was not enjoying it much either.

He was being preyed upon, and he knew it, and this had really scared the hell out of him,

It was all he could do not turning around and running towards the safety of his car, he also knew that if gave even the slightest opening, he’d be finished instantly with a flash of claw and a dainty burp.

And stared, lo and behold, at the nightmare that had tortured him before he had known his granddad, his legs turned to jelly, his vision coming in and out made him frustrated and exposed.

‘Tut, tut, you’re a right old mess’ Marishka said, savoring the smell of fear and cold sweat, smiling at him, showing briefly her fangs which glowed in the moon light also without fail intimidating the pants off of him almost literally,

‘Why so patronizing Vampire?’ he said finding his voice, it came out, low and manly just how he liked it, (even though he was scared beyond imagination)

‘Remember the fun we had vhen you where a little boy?’ she disappeared only to appear instantaneously before him, hugging him,

‘you are going to die today’ she said in a soft and mock sing along voice in his ear sending a chill of unadulterated hate up his spine, she launched him across the room into a heavy oak door that splintered into shrapnel the size of sausages before landing into a glass case shattering instantly, ‘and I’m the one who will do it!’

he got up, he was pissed and she was going to pay,

He grabbed a broad sword feeling its weight and felt his senses telling him it was silver, purrfect, he thought, she came down on him chucking him towards the sealing and he came down with a thud that would’ve shattered a normal humans bones, but he was not human,

He got up, looking at the full moon and thought before losing all sane thought,

“Dammit, granddads seal is not working properly anymore”

‘I am amazed that you survived that.’ She said laughing,

He turned around and looked into her eyes, his pupils dilated like a cats, his muscles grew and bulged, veins showing clearly, adrenaline rushing through him acting like a strength booster, stared with pure unadulterated hate at her, he laughed like a maniac, a reneged Vampire, two huge wings covered in black feathers exploded out of his back.

‘this power, it feels goood’ he howled, 'AAAAAAAAAAAOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!'

‘you, you are the fallen angel for the vampires’ she said stunned, before recovering and laughing again, ‘come, feel the drive, drink with us and become one us, a leader of your own clan’ she saw right there and then that he was beyond reason and she was risking it big time, howling in despair, knowing this was not going to happen in another hundred years she attacked, he drove the sword through her chest the silver burning the flesh,

‘Missed’ she said and took off slashing his chest.

He shrank back into a human, panting, when he heard a scream and saw Hal being chased passed the open door by the vampires,


‘Oh, boy this aint good.’ He stood up ignoring the searing pain on his chest and back, he followed into the main room where they had started off.

‘Any ideas on getting rid of these?’ yelled Hal over the commotion.

‘Nope, you?’ John yelled back

That’s when every one heard a something that sounded familiar;

And what they saw next was one hell of a surprise.