Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Post Guys

this is a new post you've all been waiting for, and I won't disappoint, here is the very beginning of my other book that will end up being a trilogy so expect many posts in future.

please tell all your friends about this and I'm looking forward to your input and make sure they also know that this blog is continually updated, now then,

COMMENT AWAY!!! (or bombs away, whichever you prefer I don't care either way XD.)

this book is titled


It was a really dark night with no moon, fog hung thickly across a rarely used highway as a silver and blue BMW thundered down it blowing past a sign, the vision of a man who had been wronged so many times that he couldn’t count, it read; Canyon City 52 miles.

Looking through the windshield and listening to the deep muscled sound coming from the tailpipes; a throaty symphony of notes and whine of a supercharger accompanied with an awe inspiring bass riff, which sounded like a classic muscle car.

He contemplated how he had gotten himself into this mess, and for a second contemplated simply running away.

No, running away was not an option, he was in really deep shit and he was going to get himself out, too many a racer had taken the cowards way out, leaving it all behind just for some peace and quiet and give the madness up before they went mad themselves.


He was going to stay with this to the very end.

Not that he had a choice.


Anonymous said...

this is realli great =D
my favorite.

Zoe said...

This is great! I love this part! :D Update soon!

Yuri said...

hi markian, it's lily! just letting you kno i found your site ok ^^

will get to reading the stories as soon as i can!

Faith said...

Well, you certainly love cars and tech. Not exactly my forte, but I'm enjoying this all the same. Was the Latin in the first or second post translatable? If so, I'll give it a shot.

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