Monday, June 14, 2010

After talking to a number of people, I have come to realize that my novels are taking too much time to write, so, I'm going to go all in and just do my darnedest to "git er done".

I am currently in the midst of a rewrite of the first chapter of The Constantine Brothers (book 1, for those of you just joining in) since the original appears to explain too little too late.

Also, my friend and co-author Faith is pushing me to continue writing "Gatekeepers" which we are only a little ways away from completing the first full draft, we hope that it will be done by the end of the summer and ready to rock the publishers. I'll post a link to the first few chapters (the current drafts) since they are posted on a different website when I can, since I can't recall the exact address for now.

Since I have taken an interest in film-making as well as writing, here's a link to my first short film.
I wrote it, but when we filmed it a few lines were ad-libbed, so excuse the slightly corny lines that show up occasionally.

If anybody is interested in keeping up with me or friending me on youtube, here's a link to my channel on there:

Enjoy and keep reading!


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Pensword said...

note: Gatekeeper has not been posted on any website, sans my Google Documents (where nobody can see or steal it).